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LUO Lianfa

Research: The Statistics of Macro Quality, Quality of Economic Development
Address:Institute of Quality Development Strategy,2nd Floor of Old Foreign Language Building,
Faculty of Arts and Science, Wuhan University

TEL: 86-13995506930

Wuhan University
PhDof Economics09/2009-6/2012
MA of Economics09/2007-06/2009
BA of Economics (Ranked 2/35 )09/2003-06/2007
1.Summer class of Xiamen University on econometrics and 07/2010
Experimental Economics
2.Workshop of Wuhan University on rural poverty and development09/2009-Present
3.Summer workshop of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics07/2009-08/2009 on modern economic research method


Exchange experience
Participated academic exchanges in France, Germany, Switzerland,08/2013.
International Organization for Standardization and World Trade Organization .etc

Teaching experience
1.Microeconomics for International Class of Wuhan University- 10/2011-01/2012

University of Aberdeen

2.PersecutingChinese Quality: Macro Quality Observation 09/2012-Present
Methodfor Advanced Class of Macro Quality Management

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2.Luo Lianfa, 2013. ”Does Urban-Rural Duality of Quality Exist in China?,Journal of Macro Quality Research, Vol.1, pp.75-87.
3.Chinese Quality Development Observation Report (2012)”, Correspondence author, Chinese Quality Press, Beijing, May 2013
4.Cheng Hong, Luo Lianfa, 2013." How Does Chinese Look upon Quality: Evaluation from the Angle of Consumer Survey", Journal of Chinese Management, Forthcoming. (in English)
5.Ye Chusheng, Luo Lianfa, 2011. "Social Capital and the Welfare of Rural Poor Households", Science of Finance and Economics,2011(7),pp.100-112.