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LUO Ying

Title: Associate Professor
Mobile Phone: (86)13986112298
Academic Area: Administrative Law; Product Quality Regulation and Governance

Luo Ying is a passionate and serious scholar long for academic research. She has published a series of works mainly focusing on product quality regulation from the perspective of administrative law. She obtained a bachelor degree and a master degree of law from Wuhan University in September 2004 and June 2007.Then she was admitted to Zhongnan University majoring in administrative law and got a doctorate in 2010. In March 2010, she got the qualification from the national study foundation of the ministry of education to study abroad and paid a one-year visit to the school of law in Emory University.

1. The Evolution of Sharing Right Theory and the Implications to China
Luo Ying
Chinese Social Science Digest. November, 2014, Vol.11.
2. On Social Management Ruled by Co-governance on the Basis of Sharing Right
Luo Ying
Legal Forum. January, 2013, Vol.28, (145), Pages 55-60.
3. How Does Product Quality Regulation Affect on Economic Growth Quality: Dual Interpretation of Principles and Cases
Luo Ying
Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Science).
September, 2014, Vol.67, (5), Pages 32-38.
4. The Position of Sharing Right positioning under the Background of Comprehensively Deepen Reform
Luo Ying
Seeker. June, 2014, Vol.6, Pages 39-44.
5. Speed up the Construction of the Legal System of Product Safety
Luo Ying
The People’s Daily.September, 17th, 2014, Issue 7.
6. Improve the Quality of Public Service
Luo Ying
The People’s Daily. Decemeber, 17th, 2012, Issue 7.
7. Sharing and Governance: The Influence of Quality Public Service on Quality Regulation.
Luo Ying
Journal of Macro-Quality Research. June, 2013, Vol.1,(1),Pages 59-67.
8. Research on Quality Management Institution of the United States Government and Its Implication
Cheng Hong, Fan Han-bing, Luo Ying
China Soft Science. December, 2012, Vol.12, Pages 1-16.
9. Due in Process Welfare Administration
Luo Ying
People’s Publishing House. October, 2014.
10. The Observation Report of Quality Development in China of 2012
Luo Ying
China Zhijian Publishing House. May, 1th, 2013.


Courses Taught
Legal System of Quality;Quality Supervision System and Technology in China and Foreign countries; New Model of Quality Problem and Regulatory in the New Normal;Law and economics etc.