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ZHANG Jihong

Date of Birth:  Feb 22¬¬th 1977
Tel:  +86-27-68756635-808/ +86-18627992081
Address: Institute of quality development strategy , the foreign building in cherry garden, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China


Main projects participated in
1.CDM fund: the study of the peak of carbon emission and the reducing path of Wuhan city.
2.Designing the carbon trade market of Hubei province
3.The total demand and supply, structure analysis and system optimizing in the 12th five year plan.
4.The 11th five year plan important supported project: the study of key technology to mitigate climate change
5.The Chineseautomotive energy system and scenario analysis
6.The main problem of the Chinese national policy to response to climate change
7.Addressing barriers to clean technology deployment


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2.Uniqueness, ergodicity and unidimensionality of invariant measures under a Markov operator, Acta Mathematics Scientia, 2009.9(29),1309-1322
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4.Alternating oppenheim expansions over the field of formal Laurent series, Acta Mathematics Scientia,2010.12(30),207-216
5.Scenario analysis on energy demand and CO¬2 emissions reduction potential of Beijing’s urban transport system through 2030,Front.energy and power.China, 2010.12, 1-10.
6.China’s vehicle-energy future, International Petroleum Economics,2010,7(18),16-20
7.Studying on Financial Innovation of Carbon Trading Market, Wuhan University Journal, 2014.3
8.Quality game theory, China Social Sciences Publishing House, 2014.3
9.Financial innovation of carbon market, China Social Sciences digest, 2014.9
10.Promoting green development using quality, Economic Dayli(Theory), 2014.12.8
11.The review of the heterogeneit of quality of product in international trade, Journal of Zhongnan University of Economic and Law, 2015.2