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Deng Yue

Deng Yue got PhD degree in management at the university in wuhan in 2011, her major is administrative management, mainly wrote many paper about public management. She once was visiting the Chinese University of Hong Kong during 2014, research on the China's public service quality. She is also one of the editing of “Journal of macro-quality research”, responsible for the economic development quality manuscripts and reviewing of the plate.


1.the quality evaluation result differences of public service in China and its analysis, based on the evaluation of customer satisfaction ", journal of wuhan university (philosophy and social sciences edition), 2014, 5;
2.the double difference method based on the reform of the performance evaluation - strong county of henan province opinion expansion, for example, jiangxi social science, 2013, 2;
3.the local fiscal expenditure, and an empirical analysis of the relationship between regional economic development of prefecture-level city panel data, for example ", journal of jiangxi university of finance and economics, 2013 (3);
4.the polycentric governance of public health service supply mechanism research, and social security research, 2013, 6 (has been copying data management science of National People's Congress fifth reship);
5.the basic theory of social security risks and management research - based on the perspective of the nature, function and principle, guizhou social science, 2014, 5;
6.the review of China's social welfare system reform practice and thinking, economic aspect, 2009, 09;


Courses Taught
1 The common governance
2 The quality regulation
3 The application of the standard