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LI Han

Assistant Professor of Economics, Institute of Quality Development Strategy, Wuhan University
Birth: December 24, 1979, Gongliu County, Xinjiang Province, China
Marital status: married

1.2008-2011 Ph.D. in Economics, Wuhan University, China
2.2007   Master of Accounting (CPA Extension), Macquarie University, Australia
3.2003-2006 Master in Economics, Wuhan University, China
4.1998-2002 Bachelor in Economics, Wuhan University, China


Academic Appointments:
Assistant Professor of Economics, Wuhan University

Visiting professorships and visits:
Graz Schumpeter Center, Graz University, March 2015-September 2015


Awards and Honors:
People’s Scholarship School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University, 2011
Full Funding of Abroad Visiting Scholar, China Scholarship Council, 2014


Editor of Journal of Macro-quality Management (Wuhan, Wuhan University Press), since 2013(the journal ispublished in Chinese)



(1)A Study on the Corporate Responsibility Mechanism to Improve China’s Product Quality, National Social Sciences Fund of China.(15BJL022)
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(1)Evaluation and Internet Early Warning of China’s Product Quality and Safety, Major Project of National Social Science Fund of China (11&ZD158)
(2)A Risk-based Research on the Key Technology of Special Equipment Safety Administration, ‘Twelfth-Five-Year-Plan’ National Science and Technology Support Program (2011BAK06B06)
(3)A Study on the Transformation of China’s Outward Pattern of Economic Development’, Major Projects for Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities, Ministry of Education, China, (13JJB790021)
(4)Research on Frontiers of Development Economic Theory,Major Projects for Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities, Ministry of Education, China, (05JJD790019) 



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Working Papers
(1)From Ecological Curse to Ecological Bonus: Realization of the Economic Benefits of Environment Endowment and Poverty Deduction in Concentrated Impoverished Areas, 2015.(in Chinese)
(2)Back Home Tour of Government Responsibility and Accountability: A Case Study Based on Administration Reform of Shunde,2013,(inChinese)
(3)The Realization of Chinese Consumer’s Interest-based on An Analysis of Comparison Test,2013.(in Chinese)
(4)Reconstruction the Quality and Safety Responsibility System: A Case Study Based on Guangdong Elevator Safety Administration Reform,2013.(inChinese)
(5)An Empirical Study on the Role of the China Consumer Association in the Quality and Safety Responsibility System, 2013. (in Chinese)
(6)National Region-focused Development Strategy and China’s Regional Economy Convergence,2015;
(7)Product Quality and the International Competitiveness of China’s Manufacturing Industry,2015;
(8)Varieties of Innovation and Economic Growth: a Comparison Among European, USA and China,2015;
(9)China’s Regional Labor productivity Convergence and Direction of Technology Progress,2015; With Nicole Palan and Marlies Hana Schuetz.
(10)Are Labor Rights in Chinese Manufacturing Firms Improving? An Empirical Analysis Based on CEES Data, 2016.